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Fix Feet is a foot laboratory, specializing in the manufacturing of custom made orthopedic insoles and arch supports.

A dynamic examination with innovative technology.

Our workshop is one of the largest in the country, with 40 years of experience.

Do you suffer from backaches, knee and foot pain?

Do you have posture problems or experience fatigue during prolonged standing?

Call us today, and we will be happy to improve your quality of life.

We at Fix Feet are committed to success. If you’re not satisfied – you’ll get a full refund!

Call now: 077-729-8702
Address: 24 Raoul Wallenberg St., Tel Aviv, Ziv Towers., Bld. A.

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מדרסים לרגליים לטיפול בכאבים
Insoles for diabetics
סוכרת - פרופיל
For elegant shoes
אנשי עסקים פרופיל
Backaches and knee pain
כאבי ג -ומפרקים פרופיל
Insoles for children
מדרסים לילדים - פרופיל
Insoles for soldiers
מדרסים לחיילים - פרופיל
Insoles for athletes
מדרסים לעושי ספורט - פרופיל

Here at Fix Feet, you will get a biomechanical examination – for walking, running and standing modes, with the most up-to-date technology for the manufacturing of custom made insoles, made precisely for your feet.

Our advanced laboratory is based on a unique diagnosis method, using a special walking device which engages 7,200 sensors and video cameras, providing a three-dimensional image of the foot during movement and processing unique data regarding the foot structure.

Unique orthopedic insoles’ laboratory.

Beamer - הליכונים

Our modern, dynamic world demands constant quality of life improvements. Here at Fix Feet, with dozens of years of experience, you will find an answer and a solution for the symptoms of backaches, discomfort, fatigue and problems while walking, or during prolonged standing, as well as for many other issues. The use of insoles provides a solution to numerous symptoms; foot problems, ankle, knee & pelvic pain and above all – it will reduce possible damage to the skeleton.

בחירה בין נעליים למדרסים

If you're suffering of one of these problems:


  • Posture problems
  • Fatigue during prolonged standing
  • Backaches
  • Pelvic joint problems
  • Knee pain
  • Ankle pain
  • Foot problems

Our solution for you is custom made insoles of the highest quality, with shock absorbers and unique orthopedic elements – biomechanical insoles, graphite arch insoles, multi-layered arch insoles, according to your foot problems.

Our arch insoles are flexible, light, easy to use, can be transferred from one shoe to another and are suitable for all ages. The insoles are designed to bring the feet to a neutral position, preventing the foot from collapsing inwards or outwards and thus, protect the joints, ligaments and tendons, enabling full, optimal function without causing fatigue. The structure of the feet is directly linked to problems of the ankles and up, towards the knees and the back. Remember! – posture is the name of the game.

Any body would operate better if more balanced. Just like Mega Gluflex ad, stating that our body has no spare parts – we must maintain it properly.

Custom made insoles for your foot structure can prevent fatigue of your ankle and knee joints. Our insoles stabilize the foot arch, preventing it from collapsing and therefore, preventing the generation of specific pressure over knee tissues.

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Committed to success. If you’re not pleased – you’ll get a full refund!

Call now: 077-729-8702    |     Address: 24 Raoul Wallenberg St., Tel Aviv, Ziv Towers., Bld. A.

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